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Coupe d’Afrique de Goalball en Algérie du 25 Février au 05 Mars 2016

Interview goalball (Staouali 1)

Vouloir : Hello could you introduce yourself to our magazine ?

Lea Avram : Hi I’m Lea Avram, I’m from Greece , I’m Goalball referee and I work in school of blind people as mobility instructor.

Vouloir : What’s your rules here in Algeria ?

Lea Avram : I’m Goalball referee for Panafrican’s games.

Vouloir : Is it your first time in Algeria ?

Lea Avram : Yes it is my first time here , I love Algeria ! .

Vouloir : Could you explain to us the main rules of Goalball game ?

Lea Avram : it’s a game between two team ,Three player in each team , they have to throw the ball to the other side of the court and put the ball inside the goal , they can’t see during the game , they listen to the sound produced by the bells inside the ball.

Vouloir : Why the other countries doesn’t come to Algeria to compete?

Lea Avram : It depends if they have a team , if they do some training , because this is high level of games , so if they don’t have team its difficult for them to find some blind people to make team and come here to compete , because Algerian team is strong , I know the team for many years , so it’s difficult to compete with Algerian or egypte or the others teams !.

Vouloir : How many teams will be qualify to Rio ?

Lea Avram : Two teams ! (Men / Women)

Vouloir : What’s Your last word ?

Lea Avram : First good for Algeria and all the teams, it’s very important to keep playing this game , thank you for the organization , everything is perfect here !

Vouloir : Do you think that Algerian team is going to do good result ?

Lea Avram : Yes i think so it’s very strong team.

Vouloir : Thank you have nice journey enjoy.


Interview (Staouali 2)

Vouloir : Hello how do you feel in Algeria ? Is it your first time here ?

Gary Lazarin : I’m here now for the third time! Its ok I like to be here.

Vouloir : Do you enjoy the weather it’s not too cold?

Gary Lazarin : I’m coming from Finland; it was minus 10 when I left it with a lot of snow ! Here it’s almost like summer! He’s coming from Usa !

John Potts : Actually from Brazil, it was much warmer of curse !

Vouloir : Could you introduce yourself to our magazine?

John Potts : I’m John Potts the technical delegate of this event from USA.

Vouloir : nice to meet you John . what’s about you ?

Gary Lazarin : I’m Gary Lazarin from Finland.

Vouloir : what do you think about the Algerian team?

Gary Lazarin : I know the Algerian team for many years, they’ve been always on the top in Africa.

Vouloir : Could you explain to us the main rules of goal ball ? how to play this game in general ?

Gary Lazarin : It’s Long story ! It’s sport for blind people , three players against three other player trying to put the ball into the goal that’s very exciting game actually and goal ball is played in many countries in the world.

Vouloir : Is all the teams here ? Or just some of them came here and why?

Gary Lazarin : there are many teams in Africa but I think they have problems to come here ! but this is the official qualification competition to Rio .

Vouloir : Who gonna go to Rio? What do you think ?

Gary Lazarin : The winner of the competition gonna go to Rio ! Algeria is strong.

John Patts : I say we gonna watch and wait for the winner.

Vouloir : is it your first time here?

John Patts : no it’s my second time here I feel great, everyone here is exciting, all is good I like it very much .

Vouloir : Your last word ?

John patts : this is great tournament for Algeria, it’s great tournament for the Africa region , we are excited to see this games , we hope that it’s not the end of goal ball in Africa but only the beginning of bigger competitions in the future.

Vouloir : thank you very much !

John patts : Thank you.




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Match 2

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